J Gaither Photography | About
Sometimes, I'm the irritating relative or friend that's always got a camera at a group gathering trying to snap that perfect casual portrait. Now and then I'm the guy you see on the side of the road with a tripod patiently waiting for traffic to pass to photograph an old building. Occasionally I'm the guy you see at an outdoor bar on the water, trying to capture the moment the sun sets on the horizon. And often, I'm just a guy with a camera trying to find something that is seen everyday but trying to represent it in a different way. I love crafting an image that begins with the glint of a memory, a quick glance, a favored destination or a shared moment. I seek to express not only my own personal thoughts and feelings but also those of people I share my life with. I hope you find something here that strikes a chord in you and touches you. Something that brings you a smile, warms your heart, makes you want to reach out to someone or makes you cry but most of all, something you enjoy viewing. If you see something you want, let me know or leave a comment. Thank you for dropping by and come back occasionally, I'll be adding more photos regularly.